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I love painting at the beach! I am fortunate enough to spend a lot of time at the NC coast in the Spring and Fall. My past creations, plenaire painted garden scenes of the South East Piedmont, were an exploding palette of subtle colors and shadows of the humid landscape. My paintings now contain more lines, bolder color with an almost harsh contrast of bright sunlight and shadow. My subject matter is the disappearing scenes that make the East Coast special... old wood fishing piers, crab pots from the fishermen, wooden rocking chairs, sand fences, and also the twist bridge that guards the entrance to Topsail Island, NC.

    Also with time and age things change. In the past I did not do prints, since technology could not reproduce my color combinations. I was content to let each painting be a "one and only." I can now use technology to reproduce my colors to an amazing clarity. Not everyone can afford an expensive original, nor do they want an expensive painting in their coastal home that may be endangered by storms. But still folks fall in love with an image, and want to own it. I feel comfortable reproducing my original art paintings on limited edition prints. It makes my creations more affordable to those that enjoy living by the tides, the wind, and moon and stars (if only for a weekend). 10% of all sales will be donated to NC Coastal Federation, NC Coastal Land Trust or The Nature Conservancy. Enjoy!!!


Joanie is in collections by Wachovia/Wells Fargo, First Union Bank, Branch Banking and Trust Co. Earnest & Young LLP as well as Carolina Cardiology Consultants.  


"We learn to see by looking, to paint by painting and to feel the essence of the world by experiencing life. I paint to transform a feeling or mood into a visual experience. My inspirations come from life, nature, dreams, and visions."


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